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Epic Magento Developers

We know Magento. We build and maintain Magento stores with strong focus on growth, your growth. We are Magento Developers that care about your long term goals and love clean code. We understand how important it is to strike a balance between clean and manageable code and producing results within a budget + timeline. Most importantly, we strive to be transparent about it.

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Magento Integrations

An integrated eCommerce platform is key to the success of many of our customers. We have successfully integrated between Magento and various platforms: RunIt POS, AdWords, Cloudflare, Power Reviews, Mailchimp, SAGE 100 (MAS90), and various 3PL services. We understand that smart integrations bring efficiencies and let you gain significant advantages over your competitors. We also share our insights among our customers to give our clients a better understanding of what works best.

Magento Optimization

Magento performance optimization is one of the key ingredients for increased conversion rates. We take eCommerce optimization seriously as we build and maintain your Magento platform and address every element that can help with your overall conversion as we touch your code. We believe that optimization should be integral part of building out new features and not an after-thought. We apply best practices to boost performance based on your particular needs.

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Mobile & Responsive Design

Mobile eCommerce is no longer a luxury. These days mobile commerce is growing faster than any other online commerce sector. Supporting mobile phone and mobile tablet platforms must be incorporated into any website design. We can help make your existing Magento theme mobile friendly or switch you to a completely new responsive theme while keeping your specific look & feel for your brand.