About Activo

Activo is a web development services and products company specializing in Magento and Ektron based websites. Activo was founded in Mountain View, California in late 2005 and served a variety of start-up companies and their growing web design and development needs. Activo’s team of superior web developers and designers (yes, we are very proud of what we do!) grew to 7 full time employees before moving to southern California and switching the model to a virtual team. At the beginning of 2009, Activo has officially moved offices to Los Angeles, California and began running as a virtual team with several of the previous team members.

We Believe

We believe that any good website is always a work in progress. If it remains static and becomes stale, it will slowly loose its value and eventually die. This is why we are here to help the businesses who value their web assets and believe, like us, that the future of their business depends on the success of their websites. These are simply the demands of our times, and what your online users will always ask of you. Every successful website  has a great web team behind it. We strive to be that great team for our customers and see every project that we do as a long term relationship.

Current Focus

Our current focus is on assisting our Magento customers grow their online eCommerce business. In the process we are developing and publishing advanced Magento Extensions that can increase the value of any Magento website. At the moment we have one public extension which extends Magento to integrate with a web based POS system. Look for more such extensions in the near future.