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5 FREE Ways to Test Your Website Latency from Around the Globe

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For improved website performance both in user experience and SEO, low latency is critical. In my last post I covered Why Low Latency Matters? in this post I point out 5 FREE ways to measure latency from around the globe. True, this is easy to measure: fire-up firebug or open a command line window and ping around. But how do we know what our users from around the globe experience? Luckily there are many paid and free solutions out there that do exactly that. Here are some services which offer free latency and ping reports:

1. Alertra

Great for a single manual test. You also need to have a budget for this service. However, for a one time manual check, offers a global latency test for free right from their home page. No need to register or sign up for anything. Type your full URL including the http and page and receive the results in seconds.

2. SiteUptime

Great for free ongoing test. This service have a free ongoing monitoring per a single domain. The free service is only restricted to 30 or 60 check minute intervals. If you wish to check your site in smaller intervals you will need to upgrade to one of their paid services.

3. AlertSite

An enterprise solution for websites wanting to get a ton of information about the various response times and page load speeds from around the worlds. They offer a free trial on their website but are missing any sort of price sheet, so I have no idea as to what size websites they cater to.

4. Gomez

Another Enterprise solution for well funded websites. They do offer a free load time test here which they will email you back the report.

5. WebSitePulse

Seems to be more budget friendly than larger website monitoring services. Also offers free latency test per domain on manual tests.

What do you use for website performance monitoring service?

Why Low Latency Matters?

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Low Latency are tiny delays that some of us may or may not notice but studies show that they do matter and can greatly affect online sales. Latency in the web development world represent the fraction of a second (or in some cases, several seconds) that affects page load times in the browser. As of the writing of this post, a normal page loads anywhere between 0.5 a second to 10 seconds. Google Webmaster Tools puts the threshold at 1.5 seconds, where any page that loads slower than 1.5 seconds is considered slow and needs improvement.

Here is a compilation of studies and conclusions reported by several large online companies:

  • Amazon: every 100ms in latency cost 1% in sales
  • Google: an extra 500ms in page generation (latency) dropped traffic by 20%
  • Shopzilla: 5 second speedup resulted in 25% pageview increase, 10% increase in revenue, 50% decrease in hardware, and a 120% increase in traffic from Google
  • Goldman Sachs: making record profits off of a 500ms speed advantage
  • Akamai: 30%-50% of transactions that take over 4 seconds, bail out


7 Easy Magento Performance Tips You Can Set from the Admin Panel

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7 Easy Magento Performance Tips You Can Set from the Admin Panel: Turn loggin off, Turn compilation on, Combine Javascript and CSS files, Enable Magento Flat Catalog, Avoid using layered navigation, Extend minimally: Only install extensions you need, Use the latest stable version of Magento and update often. Read more to see how to set these features to gain some performance improvements right away [...]

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