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July 2011

File Name Case Sensitivity and SVN

By | Magento, Web Development | 2 Comments

Last week I tried to add the media folder of a large catalog Magento website. Initially everything worked well, however eventually I started having severe issues on my local development environment. The issue is largely related to the File Name Case Sensitivity within SVN and how file names behave differently between Linux and Windows. I am just sharing my observation and I do not have a complete answer to this issue as of yet, maybe you can help here…

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How to Check for HTTPS in Magento phtml Files?

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These days our eCommerce pages are littered with third party social bookmarking tools, social media tools, facebook like buttons, add this buttons, and third party marketing scripts. It is easy to lose track of the most basic aspect of your shopping carts’ security: valid HTTPS pages. Here is a quick way to isolate all of these third party utilities and simply avoid using them in the HTTPS pages:

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