7 Tips for Effective Product Pages in Magento

7 Tips for Effective Product Pages in Magento

Ron Peled 7:01 am

Assuming normal traffic patterns, a Magento website will most likely receive only 40%-50% of its traffic directly to the Homepage. The rest of the traffic goes to the Category pages, CMS pages, and mostly your product pages. This means that product pages are highly important for most eCommerce websites. Here are 7 useful tips to help provide effective product pages and improve usability & SEO:

1. Offer high quality product images

effective-product-pages-in-magento-1-imagesOnline shoppers need to see the products they are buying, in particular consumer goods. Even when the product is a known brand and it is available everywhere, it is your duty to offer the best quality images and as many images as possible as it truly helps tip the balance in making a decision to buy or not. Showing high quality images also reflects on the overall quality of the site and enhances the user experience. Ask the manufacturer for a high quality image or produce it yourself. Nowadays where every smartphone has a powerful camera there are really no excuses to showing poor quality images or no images on a product page.

2. Use commonly searched keywords in the Product Title

effective-product-pages-in-magento-2-titleThe product title is very important. It shows up in the <title> tag of the header, it is used to generate the url key which is essentially the URL of the page and it will show up in many other places on your site like category pages or the various widgets: home page new products, recently viewed products, etc. Hence it is important that you do not miss the key words that describe the product. Make sure to include the style name or color or dimensions whenever you think it is important for that particular product. Also make sure the product title is unique and that you have no other product in your entire store that shares the same title as this one – there is really no reason to have a duplicate title for any individual Magento website.

3. Summarize the top 2-3 reasons to buy the product in the short description

effective-product-pages-in-magento-3-shortdescThe purpose of the short description is to show a summary of ‘why buy?’ above the fold. If you notice in most Magento product pages, most of the themes, the long product description shows below the fold. Hence the short description is essentially the only block of text that shows above the fold on any product page. Here is where you have a chance to make the most impact with 2-3 sentences. Why is this product a good buy? Who else is buying this product? How popular is it? Does it complement another product? Is it a good value proposition? Just try and answer some of these questions or base it on what you know works for your industry and pick the top 2 or 3 sentences to insert in the short description.

4. Write an informative and unique product description

effective-product-pages-in-magento-4-descriptionThe product description is an important area for both online shoppers who want to learn more about your offering and for SEO. Make sure to put your own spin on the description, by doing so you increase your chances of attracting potential buyers who like your recommendation and your products tips etc. And you increase the chance of ranking higher if the search engine found your content unique and engaging. Avoid the copy and paste habit even for highly popular products that sell everywhere.

5. Use a video wherever you can

effective-product-pages-in-magento-5-videoVideos are popping everywhere and are a great SEO tool. However, the key advantage for placing them on the product pages is that they captivate and demand attention. This is particularly true if the videos are short and to the point and high end editing never hurt anyone like some videos produced by Nike that help sell their soccer shoes. It is better if you can embed your own video from YouTube where you have a dedicated link into the same product page from the description of the video, but even embedding someone else’s video to enhance the description works great. Tip: make sure that the embedded video does not share prices or any information about another eCommerce website, otherwise you will be directing traffic to them without knowing it.

effective-product-pages-in-magento-6-key-info6. Make sure key information exists multiple times on the page

Make sure that you are using targeted keywords in your product description and the short description. Beware not to overdue it and go overboard, also known as keyword stuffing, just make sure the basics are covered. For example: use the product name toward the top of the product description if possible.

7. Use the bold, italics, and underline styles sparingly throughout

effective-product-pages-in-magento-7-stylingBoth the product description and the short description attributes in Magento allow for full WYSIWYG styling. Using bold, italics, and underline affects the looks of the text block and helps key words and key phrases stand out. This makes it easier for online shoppers to skim through and make a faster decision and also gives search engines loud hints on what you are focusing on in the text. Again, use it wisely and never go overboard: showing a paragraph with every other word displayed in a different color is not helpful.

To conclude, product pages are an important part of your eCommerce business and the information and presentation will affect your bottom line. I hope this helps in increasing your traffic or conversion rates. Let me know in the comments below what have you found that was critical to your product pages.

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  • Mark says:

    Nice post thanks. The default product page in Magento can be improved further but if you work with a template that resembles the original theme, this is a great guide to work with.