About Activo

Activo is a team of web developers and designers who are passionate about what we do. We love building eCommerce stores & Marketplaces and consider ourselves Magento Experts. We pride our work for being clean code and properly done. There is simply not enough time to write bad code. We also recognize the fact that our code may be out there for a long time, more often longer than anyone has anticipated. Hence we value quality above all. We are often the behind-the-scenes development team for some of the fastest growing eCommerce sites. Activo is based in Los Angeles but we are a truly distributed team with developers and designers across the US and beyond.


We Believe

We believe that any good website is always a work in progress. If it remains static and becomes stale, it will slowly loose its value and eventually die. This is why we are here to help the businesses who value their web assets and believe, like us, that the future of their business depends on the success of their eCommerce stores. These are simply the demands of our times, and what your online users will always ask of you. Every successful eCommerce site has a great web team behind it. We strive to be that great team for our customers and see every project that we do as a long term relationship.

Growing eCommerce

Our current focus is on assisting our Magento customers grow their online eCommerce businesses. As we learn what merchants need most, we are developing and publishing advanced Magento Extensions which are offered at great value. We currently have a wide variety of Magento extensions and continuing to build our portfolio of free and professional extensions.

About Activo Growing eCommerce