Zero to $1,000,000 in 6 Months on Magento 2

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Since mid-2016 we have been engaged with a really fun project. We modernized an old eCommerce site and migrated to Magento 2. We did our homework and it showed. The site was launched about 6 months ago and this site just closed a cool $1,000,000 in sales!

Truth is the launch of the site wasn’t without any hiccups but we made it happen. In this post I’ll share what we learned, what we did well, and what still remains to be done.

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Keep Magento Secure with these 12 Tips

12 No-Brainer Security Tips for Running a Secure Magento Server

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Recently we have been getting a flood of calls from distressed Magento store owners with compromised servers. As a result we compiled a comprehensive list of security tips on running a secure Magento environment. Some tips are basic but still it is worth mentioning it here sine I have seen so many cases were the basics are not covered properly. Like any other eCommerce application residing on a web server, Magento needs to be secured and one will be surprised how often these basics mistakes are done on live production servers.

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Great Results with Advanced Search 2 for Magento

By | Magento

Recently we released our latest Advanced Search 2 Magento Extension and we already have some great analytics to share with you from one of our favorite websites. Overall the preliminary results show some real gains in how users use the search on a Magento site and we can only conclude they are happier as a result.

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New and Improved Advanced Search Magento Extension

By | Magento, Videos

The Advanced Search Magento Extension by Activo is a must have improvement over the default magento search results. It provides an advanced search functionality for your entire store product catalog without the necessity to install additional 3rd party systems like Solr or Sphinx. It also offer the sensible autocomplete feature within the search box.

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7 Tips for Effective Product Pages in Magento

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Assuming normal traffic patterns, a Magento website will most likely receive only 40%-50% of its traffic directly to the Homepage. The rest of the traffic goes to the Category pages, CMS pages, and mostly your product pages. This means that product pages are highly important for most eCommerce websites. Here are 7 useful tips to help provide effective product pages and improve usability & SEO

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