Bulk Images Upload & SEO

Save time uploading product images. Match images to hundreds of products in just a few seconds. Supports image galleries and large catalogs. Drag-and-drop image upload and import option.Includes advanced logging and image SEO…

Advanced Search with Weighted Attributes, Autocomplete & Autosuggest

Provide better search results to your customers. Our Advanced Search Magento extension includes powerful features like weighted attributes, auto-complete, auto-suggest and…

Advanced Stripe Payment Module w/Refunds

Accept credit cards with Stripe — easy Stripe payment module with advanced features: option for secure PCI compliant stripe fields placement with Stripe.js, option for users to save credit cards, process refunds.

Google AdWords Conversion & Facebook Pixel Tracking for Magento

The new version 3.x.x now supports also Facebook Ads Pixel Tracking and Retargeting. Added Add to Cart, ViewContent, Checkout Conversion standard Event. Once setup…

No PO Box in Shipping and/or Billing Address

Restrict PO Box addresses for shipping and/or billing addresses in your Magento store with the most advanced PO Box restriction extension on the market. Restrict any region, state or country including military and diplomatic…

Daily Sales Report

Stay on top of your store performance — get a quick sales report in the email up to 4 times per day with all critical sales metrics.Having a busy schedule, travel a lot, but still want to stay on top of your store’s performance? Than this extension is a must have for you!

Google Universal Analytics

Get newer Google Universal Analytics integrated with your Magento store and enjoy advanced features offered by Google.

Magento by default offers older (“classic”) Google Analytics integration. However Google…


Fully customize your Magento category and page URL structure for improved SEO with URL SEO Pro from Activo Extensions. Flatten your category structure and use slashes, special characters and capital letters to stand out in search results.

XML Sitemap Pro

Rank better in Google and other search engines with a properly structured XML sitemap. Utilize our XML Sitemap Pro Magento extension to make sure you’re store is fully indexed with configurations to set your sitemap priorities for categories, products and CMS pages.

Image Clarity

Fix the Magento image compression & pixelation problem with Image Clarity from Activo Extensions. This easy to use Magento extension adds a configuration setting to control the image quality of your uploads for crystal clear product images.

SEO Slider

Simple but robust Content Slider — use you valuable page real estate more efficiently; make more keywords rich pages to boost you SEO rankings and conversions.

The key to SEO is the words on your pages.

CSS and JavaScript Versioning and Minification

The CSS and JavaScript Versioning and Minification Magento extension by Activo will change the hash for your CSS and JavaScript merged files automatically and force flush on client browsers. The process is automatic and..