Great Results with Advanced Search 2 for Magento

By June 7, 2013Magento

Great Results with Advanced Search 2 for Magento

Ron Peled 4:22 pm

Recently we released our latest Advanced Search 2 Magento Extension and we already have some great analytics to share with you from one of our favorite websites. Overall the preliminary results show some real gains in how users use the search on a Magento site and we can only conclude they are happier as a result.

If you connected your site search with Google Analytics, you are able to see the reports of how users search your site. I pulled these two reports to show how significantly the usage of the search changed as a result of installing the Advanced Search 2 extension.

% Search Refinements

This report shows what % of searches were refinements. In other words, if users refine their search and try again the graph should go up and vice versa. We found that about a week after we installed the new Advanced Search 2, the % of refinements decreased significantly. Here is the graph:

Advanced Search 2 Magento Analytics Refinements decreased


Results Pageviews / Search

This graph shows the number of pageviews generated after a search is done. We found that this number increased significantly right after the new extension was installed. This indicates that the users went on to explore more of the site as a result of searches and search results. The new search clearly improved product discovery. Here is the graph:

Advanced Search 2 Magento Analytics Pageviews Jump



These kind of results make us happy as we know our extensions help users find what they are looking for. Let us know what is your experience with Magento search and which alternatives did you use for your sites?


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