Short how to videos on how to improve your website from a web developer perspective. Most videos address items specifically with Magento 1 or Magento 2, however some videos are SEO and other ecommerce specific tips. Enjoy!

How to setup PHP Code Sniffer in PHPStorm for Magento 2

July 27, 2017

URL SEO Pro Magento Extension Demo and 2 Free SEO Tips

Demo for URL SEO Pro Magento Extension which allows a flat category structure, special characters and capital letters in both Category and Product URLs.

How to Configure CentOS LocalTime and PHP Timezone

A short vide on how to setup local time on Linux server (CentOS) and how to set the timezone in php.ini.

2 PHP Directives to Boost Your Magento Performance

PHP has two directives that typically are turned off by default and can significantly improve your Magento performance by enabling them in php.ini.

How to Setup and Install Magento on WAMP

A short video demonstrating all the steps to install Magento on WAMP in 10 minutes.

Introduction to Magento Extensions

A step by step introduction to writing your own Magento Extension and adding functionality without touching core files.

Using SenSEO Firefox Plugin to Improve SEO and Page Rank

A short video on how to install and use SanSEO firefox extension. SenSEO analyzes a page against your target keywords and produces an SEO report.

How to Integrate RunIt POS with Magento

A short Runway product demo showing how to integrate Magento with RunIt POS