LAPHP Meetup Scheduled: PHP Hands-on Workshop: Facebook API

By December 9, 2010Web Development

LAPHP Meetup Scheduled: PHP Hands-on Workshop: Facebook API

Ron Peled 8:35 am

Two months ago I became highly involved with a few local meetup groups. Together with the group’s organizers, Oleg, we discussed potentially setting up hands-on workshops for a smaller group of developers who wants to meet and discuss relevant topics but also wants to get their hands dirty and CODE! The event is called PHP Hands-on Workshop: Facebook API.

Finally, we setup the date, the venue and the format. The event will be held at Activo’s conference room on December 15th at 6:30pm. The format is really open and we will keep it flexible until we hit an interesting one. But in general the idea is to meet, divide into smaller working groups of 3-4 developers, go on our ways of interacting with the Facebook API and PHP and toward the end of the meeting everyone will share their code snippets or plugin or whatever they came up with in that one hour of coding time we had.

Each developer will bring their own laptop and dev environment, we will provide food, drinks, wifi, and outlets!

We are hoping to make this a recurring event of advanced PHP developers who wants to meet once a month and code. The main idea is to learn and share knowledge while having fun at the same time.

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