Job Description

Looking for help with developing a new theme for Magento 1.9. We will provide the approved designs and will expect you to build a Magento theme from the ground up. The design phase is done and we have approved designs for the home page, and product pages. There is no need for a category page with this design since all products are on the home page and filtered with isotope. We have approved designs for both desktop and mobile and we expect responsive design. We are looking for a theme developer that understands clean HTML/CSS/JS principles and understand front end performance optimization.

The design calls for several JS elements that are a bit more involved. We need JS isotope working together with a 3D effect that triggers on hover over the individual boxes. We will need to set it up in a way that direct links to this home page will auto filter the boxes based on isotope. The links can include anchor tags.

We would need you to complete all aspects of the theme so it flows well and works as expected. You will have direct access and communications with our designer via email (he is based in the philipines). We will provide a staging server and GIT repo access. We do require that you sign an NDA.

We are a friendly team of professionals and if this works out well, we would love to keep working with you long term as we do come by many Magento 1 & 2 projects like this.

Have a great day!
If you have any questions, please ask.


Required Skills: HTML5, CSS3, JS
Optional Skills: Magento, PHP


If you’re interested in helping us with the above project, please send the answers below to

  1. Please share your one TOP and BEST work of Magento theme development?
  2. Can you setup and install Magento 1 on your own?
  3. What tools do you use for theme development?