Magento Extensions Here We Come…

By August 25, 2011Magento, Web Development

Magento Extensions Here We Come…

Ron Peled 6:23 pm

I’m excited to announce a new division of Activo was recently born: Magento Extensions. This new division will focus on the various magento extensions which we have working on in the past 3 years. Essentially, every single piece of code that we have developed or delivered to our clients was written properly by extending Magento via their extensions mechanism. Some (not all) of these functionalists were developed further to easily integrate with other websites and hence allow a wide variety of online merchants to enjoy these advanced features.


We are going to deliver three main levels of our extensions, mostly based on the complexity and the projection of its maintenance through the lifetime of its usage:

  1. Free Extensions – these extensions will have limited functionality and be offered for free and the code will be released under the OSL 3.0 license.
  2. Professional Extensions – these extensions will have more advanced and complete feature set and will be offered for a license fee which ties to a domain. These extensions will provide critical feature sets for those advanced merchants wishing to get ahead in the online eCommerce arena. The professional Magento Extensions will be released under the commercial license and their prices will range between $99-$999.
  3. Enterprise Extensions – these extensions will provide serious integration to third party applications, systems, or services and will require ongoing maintenance and support. As a result we will need to charge on an ongoing basis and prices will vary.

Short History

Activo Extensions was a born as a result of seeing a pattern in what our ongoing clients are looking for. While we are involved with the local Magento developer groups and are well aware of what the core Magento team is focused on, we carefully choose areas of the shopping cart that needs serious enhancement but will not receive its full attention from the core team. Activo Extensions is headed by Oleg Baranovsky and Ron Peled (myself), both are veterans in the web development industry with over 10 years of experience each.

In the recent years we have built, launched, and managed dozens of successful eCommerce website, all on the popular Magento Commerce platform. Some of our customers have seen growth of 300% per year and reached yearly sales of over $10M. Hence, we find it only natural that we expand into the large space of extensions with the full intention to provide only the top quality of extensions and support that serious online merchants deserve.

Where Can I Find Activo Extensions?

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Stay tuned as we will be rolling out several free and professional extensions in the next few weeks…

Happy Selling!

Ron Peled

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