We have been developing websites for almost ten years and Magento websites for over two years now. When our customers ask for similar customizations we immediately identify a need and explore it. Our intention is to learn from you the need, develop an easily installed extension, and sell it for much less than the cost of custom web development. We see this process as win-win-win proposition which many of our customers enjoy and even our customer’s users enjoy. All our extensions focus on integrating Magento’s back end with other systems or enhancing the base functionality of Magento in such a way as to allow increase in sales. If you have an idea for a new Magento extension and would like to have it developed for you, feel free to contact us and discuss.


These extensions are targeted for the savvy webmasters and web developers that wish to enhance their websites with little or no effort on their end. The Magento Extensions we offer will typically come ready to use and will go through several stages of testing. These extensions will not require programming or HTML styling but will require basic Magento understanding and full server access rights. If you do find any issues with any one of our extensions please contact us and let us know. Please be aware that Magento is a very flexible system and while we will strive for the utmost quality in our extensions, in some cases issues may arise as a result of bad theme design or other extensions conflicts.


Not all Magento extensions are made equal. If you are reading this, we assume you already know that. Our extensions are built to work efficiently and effectively while delivering the extra functionality you require. We consistently follow the Magento core development team in order to understand what they are working on and what changes will come to their core code. Our Magento Extensions follow their best practices and strive to extend the core code as if it was just another pre-existing feature in Magento. These extensions are tested with both the community and the Enterprise version of Magento. Please notice that some of our Magento extensions are open source while others are closed source.