New and Improved Advanced Search Magento Extension

By May 30, 2013Magento, Videos

New and Improved Advanced Search Magento Extension

Ron Peled 6:15 pm

The Advanced Search Magento Extension by Activo is a must have improvement over the default magento search results. It provides an advanced search functionality for your entire store product catalog without the necessity to install additional 3rd party systems like Solr or Sphinx. It also offer the sensible autocomplete feature within the search box.

Some of the advanced features of this extension include:

The totally revamped auto suggest feature is a complete overload of the default Magento functionality. The Advanced Search extension will build the search index (dictionary) with the words and phrases from your product catalog. It uses a smart algorithm to build phrases consisting of up to 3 words by default (this is a configurable option). It will than provide the automatic suggestions to the user from this dictionary as user types (starting with second character). This overrides Magento’s default functionality completely as the default functionality is prone to many errors and security issues.

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