New Bulk Images Upload and SEO Magento Extension

By October 16, 2012Magento, Videos

New Bulk Images Upload and SEO Magento Extension

Ron Peled 3:29 pm

Activo Bulk Images and SEO Magento extension is targeted for store owners managing large catalogs of products. It provides a robust mechanism for quickly uploading and associating large number of product images at once. The extension provides functionality to redo the entire product images list at once or only touch product images that were actually updated since the last import.

The Activo Bulk Images and SEO extension allows store admins to upload hundreds of thousands product images at once, multiple images per product. It will automatically associate the product images properly with the first one set as the image attribute for the product. All image files will be associated with the product in the media gallery and the first image will be excluded (since it is already used as an image attribute with the product.

After image import is complete, it will provide you with a log and report of latest imports.
Activo Bulk Images is a great way to handle large product catalogs efficiently. It is currently successfully working on shops with over 20,000 products and about 3-5 images per product.

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