Progress Report on Runway the Magento POS Extension

By November 11, 2010Magento

Progress Report on Runway the Magento POS Extension

Ron Peled 12:01 pm

Some of you are aware that I’m almost done with finalizing the updated version of the Runway Magento Extension. The main goal with this update is to allow the creation of Configurable Products in Magento and therefore allowing the Color and Size options to be drop downs in the configurable product. This also opens the door to adding your own configurable options to the product itself which some of my customers for this extension have asked for. To sum it up these are the main features that are now added to the Runway extensions:

  • Configurable Product. Notice that the current version supports Simple and Grouped products already.
  • Faster catalog synchronization. Yes, any synchronizations beyond the first one will perform faster. We have achieved that by checking the existing values first and only than overwriting the values with new ones if they are different.
  • Cleanup options: for products that are synchronized and are now out of stock, you will have these options to choose from:
    • Set out of stock
    • Set out of stock AND disable the product (this is great if your inventory changes a lot and you wish to decrease user dissatisfaction, hence users will not even see products that are out of stock)

So, the above are the main updates. In the process I have fixed lots of other minor features. Overall, I feel comfortable that this version of the Runway Magento Extension will be extremely useful for those who wish to sell online using Magento and still enjoy the power of their RunIt POS.

In the next few days I will cover some of the updates that will come in future releases.

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