Activo Runway integrates between RunIt Point of Sales (POS) and Magento eCommerce. Runway is a proven Magento extension that is designed to help RunIt POS customers quickly launch an online store using Magento, the leading eCommerce software platform. With Activo Runway, you can create a seamless retail experience that helps you unify your online and physical storefronts, reach more customers, and boost your sales – while minimizing your administrative overhead and costs.

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$249/mo. (+$499 Setup fee)
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  • Handles +50,000 Barcodes Easy
  • Never over-sell products
  • Real-time POS Integration
  • Proven to increase sales
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The integration is set between a single store Magento website and a web dedicated store from within RunIt. Please contact your RunIt representative as an additional module is required and training is highly recommended. Once integrated, your RunIt’s catalog and inventory systems take over your Magento store to achieve a seamless real-time POS integration.

Activo Runway supports Magento Community Edition and higher, and Enterprise Edition and higher.

Integration Points between Magento and RunIt POS:

  • Catalog Synchronization:
    The first step after the initial installation is complete, the first synch will import your product and categories catalog from RunIt. Only products and categories that were assigned to be sold on the web will be synchronized over to your Magento store. In most cases, this saves time and resources since synching takes no longer than a few minutes and can bring in a couple of thousands of products.
  • Inventory Control:
    Once products are brought in by using the synch feature, they will be constantly monitored for real time inventory. For every product that will be added to a user’s shopping cart, a check will be made with your RunIt database to see if this product is still in stock. Essentially, there will be no more orders for products that you do not carry in stock.
  • Online Orders:
    Once an order was placed on your website, the entire order information will be sent to RunIt POS. This includes customer, products, billing, and shipping information. A web order is only the beginning of a great relationship and is where your great marketing machine starts to work, this last piece of the integration allows you to take it to the next level and enjoy a much more integrated platform.

The Benefits of Integrating Magento with your RunIt POS:

  • Instant Category and Product Creation in Magento:
    Activo Runway instantly builds out your online store’s catalog by synchronizing with your retail store’s Run It POS system. With just a single click, all items, prices, and inventory levels across all your retail stores are instantly uploaded to your new online store. You may select only certain categories and products (styles) to show on the web.
  • Single Master Inventory DB:
    Activo Runway gives you a single place where you can see all your items and inventory levels. As you update item information on the Web or at your retail stores, everyone is kept up to date on the latest changes. Activo Runway, once installed, treats your RunIt POS Database as the ultimate decision maker for all matters regarding inventory levels and product catalogs.
  • Verify inventory levels:
    When customers are ready to buy items online, Activo Runway checks inventory levels across all your online and retail stores to verify that you have sufficient inventory. If you can’t meet your customers’ immediate needs, Activo Runway will inform them how many items are available.

New in Version 2.0 (Released January 2013):

  • Automatic Creation of Simple or Configurable Product Types:
    Activo Runway now will automatically insert a configurable product when there are options such as color or size in RunIt. If no options are available for a certain Style (SKU) the integration will now create a simple product and make it Visible. We were able to successfully enhance our product to allow for such flexibility while maintaining a real time inventory integration with RunIt POS.
  • Performance Improvements:
    We have made improvements to how the extension interacts with RunIt API and brings the information into and out of Magento. Updating the inventory and stock status in real time is now performed faster without locking any tables in the database model of Magento. Also processing orders performance and reliability was improved.
  • ALU Information now Available:
    We added the option to add ALU information from RunIt to your Magento catalog. ALU is the manufacturer’s SKU number for each item in your catalog. This is important in case you want to show the ALU information for SEO purposes or if you want to integrate with a third party product which requires the Manufacturer’s SKUs.