Magento 1 & Magento 2

We build and maintain Magento websites. We specialize in both Magento 1 and Magento 2. We realize that you chose Magento because your business needs the flexibility that it promises. However, getting it done isn’t easy. We make it easy and we make it happen for you. We help you build the best eCommerce site that suits your business.

Performance Optimization

In the world of eCommerce, performance is competitive advantage. We can help you optimize the performance of your Magento’s site and gain significant advantage. We are passionate about performance and our methods include server optimization, code optimization, CDN setup, DNS setup, content minification and merging.

eCommerce Integrations

In order to run a successful eCommerce you need 3rd party integrations. This is where quality of code can provide you with peace of mind. We’re passionate about 3rd party integrations and have built numerous robust and real time integrations. We have worked with MAS90, OnTrac, GSO, Heap Analytics, POS systems, ElasticSearch, and more. Just ask.

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Mobile First

Today’s standard call for nothing less than mobile first and responsive design. With most traffic coming from mobile we are well aware of the importance and challenges that come along with it. eCommerce for mobile pushes the bar even higher. We focus on increasing your mobile conversion rates because we know each order matters.


Search Engine Optimization is more of an art than science. With that said, we continuously work with our clients to make sure their websites hit the perfect keywords, links, and content. It’s an ever changing game and the devil is in the details.


In today’s eCommerce standards you must be able to scale automatically based on demand while saving on hosting costs. With cloud providers such as AWS and with technology such as Docker, it is now possible to achieve high scalability at a reasonable cost. We can help you tailor a hosting plan that will achieve your particular goals and maintain reasonable cost and high scalability.