We strive to provide the best possible solution for your web project whether simple or complex. We enjoy and thrive when we work on a complex web development project. Our clients appreciate the level of expertise and our ability to provide streamlined solutions for relatively complex problems. Our partners often consult us and hire us for the most demanding web projects.


Activo is committed to following trends in the web development industry. We often find ourselves working on popular CMS or eCommerce platform before the world have heard about it, whether open source or not. Our long time customers enjoy the fruits that come along with a team that keeps up with web technology trends. We currently focus on web development around Ektron, and Magento.

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Our team’s expertise varies and includes: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Performance Optimization, and Web Analytics. We are here to focus on your website’s ROI and bottom line. Upon engagement, we ultimately take the responsibilities of growing your site and leverage the knowledge we have from other clients and put it to work instantly in your site.


Once we commit on your web development project, we will not back off until it is done and done in the best possible manner. We often find ourselves wondering through our client’s google analytics reports over the weekends and our own free time. Why? It’s simple: because we love what we do. Once we engage with your web development or web design project we are committed as if it is our own.


Our team has over ten years of direct web development experience, over six years of Ektron development experience (yes, we have used Ektron since CMS300), and over three years of experience with Magento development. We have worked with many different size and scale of websites including sites with over 1.5 million daily pageviews. We often work on larger projects with other web development teams. Throughout this experience we learned many web development best practices which we often insist on in our projects.