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Great Results with Advanced Search 2 for Magento

By | Magento

Recently we released our latest Advanced Search 2 Magento Extension and we already have some great analytics to share with you from one of our favorite websites. Overall the preliminary results show some real gains in how users use the search on a Magento site and we can only conclude they are happier as a result.

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Magento Extensions Here We Come…

By | Magento, Web Development

I’m excited to announce a new division of Activo was recently born: Magento Extensions. This new division will focus on the various magento extensions which we have working on in the past 3 years. Essentially, every single piece of code that we have developed or delivered to our clients was written properly by extending Magento via their extensions mechanism. Some (not all) of these functionalists were developed further to easily integrate with other websites and hence allow a wide variety of online merchants to enjoy these advanced features.

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