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Keep Magento Secure with these 12 Tips

12 No-Brainer Security Tips for Running a Secure Magento Server

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Recently we have been getting a flood of calls from distressed Magento store owners with compromised servers. As a result we compiled a comprehensive list of security tips on running a secure Magento environment. Some tips are basic but still it is worth mentioning it here sine I have seen so many cases were the basics are not covered properly. Like any other eCommerce application residing on a web server, Magento needs to be secured and one will be surprised how often these basics mistakes are done on live production servers.

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File Name Case Sensitivity and SVN

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Last week I tried to add the media folder of a large catalog Magento website. Initially everything worked well, however eventually I started having severe issues on my local development environment. The issue is largely related to the File Name Case Sensitivity within SVN and how file names behave differently between Linux and Windows. I am just sharing my observation and I do not have a complete answer to this issue as of yet, maybe you can help here…

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