The Easiest Way to Sell Digital Goods Online with a Large Budget (4/4)

By November 3, 2010Web Development

The Easiest Way to Sell Digital Goods Online with a Large Budget (4/4)

Ron Peled 6:00 am

Ok, so what else can be done to improve our online sales if we have an even bigger budget than $5K? Simple: fire on all cylinders with everything you have. There are many other methods to promote your online digital goods, so if you have a larger budget use it all. Here are a few important traffic generators for anyone looking to sell an eBook, or software or most digital stuff:

  1. Setup a channel and post short video tutorials or video screencasts on how to use the product.
  2. Write articles on the subject and submit to a variety of article directories. Make sure to respect each directory’s terms & conditions.
  3. Write and form associations with bloggers or specialists in your fields and in the field of the products that you are trying to sell. Send them samples so they can review these products. It is a win-win as they are always looking to write about something and you will gain from their pre-existing traffic.
  4. Issue press releases.
  5. Develop an affiliate program for your product(s).

I think you get the idea. Once your basics are covered, the variety of things that can be done to promote further these products is endless. Go for it, and best of luck!

What channel or method you have found worked best for you over the long run?

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