The Easiest Way to Sell Digital Goods Online with a Medium Budget (3/4)

By November 1, 2010Web Development

The Easiest Way to Sell Digital Goods Online with a Medium Budget (3/4)

Ron Peled 8:43 pm

If you follow my blog you know that in the previous two posts I discussed selling digital goods online with no budget and selling digital goods with a small budget, in this post I will discuss selling with a medium size budget. A medium budget is anywhere between $1k to $5K. So, what can be done with this budget? a lot actually!

The general idea with this sort of budget is to hire professionals to do the bulk of the work for you. Yes, outsource. I recommend outsourcing locally through your network or community and not focus on offshore outsourcing. The main reason is that while many people are getting into it, I have yet to hear an amazing story of success right off the bat. So unless you have done it before and have the time to search, manage, and develop the outsourcing muscle, go locally.

What can be outsourced? everything, but you should probably outsource the domain name, wordpress , the theme development, and aMember download and installation. Leave the creation of the digital goods for yourself, since you should be the master in that area and outsource the technical mechanics of how to get to the selling part.

Here is a great tip for outsourcing that I just learned recently: if managing all your outsourced resources is getting too time consuming, outsource the project management aspect of it as well.

In any case, medium size budget can set you up pretty nicely and you will have a local goto guy to go when things go wrong. Awesome!

What is your experience with such setups?

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