The Easiest Way to Sell Digital Goods Online with a Small Budget (2/4)

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The Easiest Way to Sell Digital Goods Online with a Small Budget (2/4)

Ron Peled 10:49 pm

In my last post I discussed how to sell digital goods online with absolutely no budget. In this post, I will discuss ways to sell digital goods with a small budget. To be accurate, I define a small budget to be between $50 to $1000. Let’s start:

  1. Research Keywords for your target market. This can be easily done by a few google searches and several of free tools offered by Google, such as Google Trends, Google Keyword Tool (External), and Google Insights for Search. All three are great in understanding what people are looking for in your target market. Your goal is simply to nail down 5-10 key phrases (yes, phrases not only key words) that you will use in the next steps.
  2. Buy a domain name to match your keywords. There are many ways to combine a few keywords together, so if your key phrase is taken, try to find an available domain with a spin on it, or add a prefix/suffix to distinguish it. i recommend the .com domain extension but you can always venture out as well. The key point is to have the keywords in the domain name.
  3. Get a simple hosting environment that supports wordpress. Today hosting is relatively inexpensive, you should be spending anywhere from $3-$10 monthly for a new wordpress site.
  4. Buy a wordpress theme from Anything works, just make sure that your theme suits your needs and is something that you are comfortable with for a while. This should cost no more than $50 (one time charge).
  5. Purchase and install aMember Pro – membership software. With this software you essentially make certain folders on your site to be accessible by members who pay membership.
  6. Set it all up: Point the domain to the website and install wordpress or call your host and have them set it up for you. Most hosting environments have clear and easy instructions or may have a one click button installations. Install the new theme. Start customizing the store to your liking: add content, add contact us info, add pages, menus, posts, etc. Install and configure the aMember Pro software, make sure you can successfully accept payments and allow downloads.
  7. All you need to do now is add your digital goods in the secure folders and link to them from your posts and pages.

There is quite a bit to do, but when it comes down to it, these steps are relatively easy to perform, especially these days with one click wordpress installers and hosting environments that can be ordered with wordpress pre-installed. Unless you already have chosen vendors, for simplicity sake I recommend purchasing the domain and hosting with the same company. Let’s add the total so far:

  1. Keyword research: Free
  2. Domain name: $10/year
  3. Hosted WordPress: $3/month
  4. WordPress Theme: $50
  5. aMember Pro Software: $179.95

Total cost to start: $242.95

There you have it, with this setup you will be competing with well known online brands and companies that are doing this for a while now. All these tools are there for you – you just need to go ahead and use them. In the next post I’ll discuss how to sell digital goods with a medium size budget (less than $5000).

To your online success!

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