The Easiest Way to Sell Digital Goods with No Budget (1/4)

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The Easiest Way to Sell Digital Goods with No Budget (1/4)

Ron Peled 11:34 pm

How do I sell digital goods online? is exactly what a friend, who has absolutely no idea about web development or eCommerce, recently asked me. In fact, here are his exact words (cited from the email):

I’m looking for recommendations for a good, low cost web developer.  I need to create a simple site for a project that I’m working on that has about 5-6 pages.  The only thing fancy that it needs is a shopping cart with paypal integration for digital downloads using a service like e-junkie.

Two questions:

1) Any recommendations for specific web developers?
2) How much (ballpark) should something like this cost?

When I compiled my answer I realized that currently, many people are looking for the same thing, so why not share? I organized my respond by the budget size of who wants to sell these digital ebooks or just in general digital goods:

  • Sell Digital Goods with No Budget ($0)
  • Sell Digital Goods with a Small Budget ($50-$1000)
  • Sell Digital Goods with a Medium Budget ($1,000-$5,000)
  • Sell Digital Goods with a Large Budget (>$5,000)

I’ll start with the first and easiest one: No Budget. I’ll post the rest of the responses in following posts, so stay tuned…

Selling ebooks and digital downloads online with no budget:

  1. Create a free blog online on, blogger, tumblr, or any of the free blogging services out there.
  2. Start blogging about your topic. Generate traffic & build authority.
  3. Put your ebook together, I recommend checking out Pat Flyn’s “ebooks the smart way” you get it for free if you subscribe to his newsletter.
  4. Start selling your ebook for free on, or other ebook directories and resellers.
  5. Direct traffic from your blog to your ebook on these digital directories by including links in your posts or simple explanations on where and how to find your ebooks and Sell!

Next post: how to sell digital goods with a small budget.

Let me know if I’m missing anything here…

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