Updates, Updates, Updates…

Updates, Updates, Updates…

Ron Peled 5:33 pm

Finally I get a break in the action and have a minute to write an update. Here are a few highlights to what is happening within Activo:

  1. We are super busy! Between our existing list of customers and a small influx of new customers (we are very picky…) our team is extremely busy. Not to mention that our existing customers are doing well online recently.
  2. We have partnered with a local PHP veteran to begin delivering Magento Extensions in a more organized fashion and with the ability to actually support them properly. We are hoping to finish up our new magento extensions portal relatively soon.
  3. In the past few months, we were busy assisting in launching a few great websites. Some of which are already experiencing significant growth, not to mention that their new environments are steady, fast, and secure. Congrats to www.SoccerFanatic.com, www.BallBeauty.com, www.GenevaLab.com, www.4Ucaps.com, www.Cuadra.com.mx, www.santalolla.com.br, and www.GloriaJewel.com!

Here are some updates I thought are note worthy given their magnitude and their relevancy to us and our customers:

  1. Magento got acquired by eBay on 6/6/2011. This is big news but has no immediate effect whatsoever on the Magento open source platform. Congratulations to Roy and Yoav for executing so well on their vision and transforming the eCommerce to a whole new level!
  2. Internet Explorer 9 was released a month or so ago. It is indeed fast and has a nicer look and feel to it, however it does introduce yet another browser that we need to test for and make sure our websites play nice with. It is expected to be the dominant IE browser in the next coming months.
  3. Mozilla FireFox just released their own new version a month and a half ago, the new version 4 and they surprised everyone with even a newer release yesterday (6/22/2011) which is their version 5. They promise to continue to deliver new versions every 6 weeks from here on. We will keep an eye for it.

that is it for now, happy browsing!

Ron Peled

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