Why Magento Extensions and WordPress Plugins?

By February 3, 2011Magento, Web Development

Why Magento Extensions and WordPress Plugins?

Ron Peled 4:35 pm

If you are responsible for marketing in a web development firm you will eventually come across this difference: Magento has Extensions and WordPress has Plugins. Two questions come to mind: Why? and What is the difference anyway? Honestly it does not matter much, however let’s review some assumptions and facts…

First: If you are reading this and know the real reasons behind the names, please let me know!

Assumptions: A Plugin is typically a smaller set of an additional feature or functionality. An Extensions can be a larger add-on or component that enables a whole new set of features. Hence trying to answer the question Why Magento has Extensions and WordPress has plugins is as simple as looking at their short history: WordPress was built small with an initial small ability to tweak and modify the core functionality – hence plugins. while Magento was built from day one to allow added features and components that allow modifying any part of the core code in an unlimited manner – hence Extensions.

Facts: If you look at Google Trends and compare the two for each solution you can clearly see the difference. WordPress’ preferred term is Plugin and Magento’s preferred term is Extension:

Fun Fact: What other industry treats plugins and extensions interchangeably for similar meaning?

If you guessed it right, you know it… It is the Hair industry!

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